Thursday, March 3, 2011

Waiting on Ginger to lamb

We are waiting on our white ewe, Ginger to lamb.  She is really close.  This will be her second year to lamb.  Last year she gave birth to twins.  As big as she is that might be the case again this year!  We are all anxiously waiting on the little lamb/lambs to make their appearance.  I will definitely post pictures as soon as she lambs.

Anyone living in our area want two geese?  We are ready for them to go live somewhere else. 

The seed orders are coming in and then we are going to be starting our plants.  Ed needs to put the pellet stove in the greenhouse first.  We had a really hard frost and the temperature got down to 20 degrees in the greenhouse.  Yep!  Killed everything but the citrus trees.  So now I have no more veggies growing out there at all.  It will be so great to have heat in there for winter.  I will keep you all posted on how that is going.  I hope to be picking veggies all winter this year.

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