Sunday, June 6, 2010

My how time flies! June already?

Oh I have been so negligent in posting haven't I?  What can I say, life keeps me busy.

Let me see where we left off-----oh yes, we were buying a calf.  That plan has changed.  We didn't buy the calf, we decided to wait and get a cow in milk when Ed has has time to build the barn.  Kind of like not wanting to get the cart before the horse kind of thing............

Sally's new teeth have grown in.  Audrey had her 10th birthday and got her ears pierced.  She is thrilled and feels so grown up!

I need to get pictures taken of the plants in the greenhouse.  They look as good if not better than the ones for sale in town now!  I am so thrilled with the greenhouse.  The plants grow straight up!  No turning them to keep them from growing towards the kitchen window.

The sheep knocked over the two beehives in the pasture.  Ed had to suit up again and rescue the very unhappy bees.  NO stings this time!  Thank you Lord!

I must take pictures and post them of my pretty little violas and pansies.  Besides roses and lilacs, I just love love love pansies.   They have the cheeriest faces and make me smile each time I see them.  I have gotten a little carried away with buying them this year.  But they come back and reseed themselves so  they are well worth the investment.

I have found my new interest to grow in the greenhouse just for fun.  Miniature roses!  So far I have one.  : )  I promise to get photos taken of everything soon.

And I was promising a drawing soon.  I will be doing that also.  Can't wait to see what it will be for can you?  Good!

Today is my youngest son's birthday.  He turned 30!  Happy Birthday Jared!  I am so proud of you.  Love you bunches!

I must sign off for now.  I will be back with photos and more updates soon.

Hope everyone has had a good Spring so far.  Looking forward to Summer.


A Joyful Chaos said...

Your flowers sound nice! i have never had much success with miniture roses. looking forward to seeing pictures!

Mrs. Swinson said...

Thanks for commenting A Joyful Chaos. I never had much luck before with miniature roses either. But I bought one at the local grocery store a few weeks ago that was marked down as it was on it last legs. I brought it home and repotted it, and put it in the greenhouse. It is thriving out there! So now I am excited to have a collection of them. I have always loved them, but always seemed to kill them off before now. : )

Mrs. Mike said...

I've had many lovely mini roses. Enjoy yours!

Our heifer is off this month for breeding. The girls are looking forward to trying their hands at milking next year... we'll see...