Monday, February 2, 2009

February Plans

Here we are in our second month of the new year already. There is so much to look forward to this year. We have so many plans for our little farm, all Lord willling of course.

This month we plan to build our new poultry barn for the turkeys and the Dark Cornish chickens we will order soon. We are planning on putting in a raised shelter for Bessy and her calf when it is born. A place high and dry from the flood.

The seed catalogs are coming in the mail now. Time to start planning what we want to grow this coming season. Figuring out what needs to be started inside early. Speaking of, Ed is planning on building the greenhouse this year also. That will be nice to have all my starts in the greenhouse instead of the kitchen.

We would love to get some dwarf citrus fruit trees to put in the greenhouse. I could actually use the citrus peel without having to worry about sprays and waxes on it.

This is the Spring we are going to order more laying hens and get us a nice rooster. I have done some research on the best tempered roosters and have found that the Speckled Sussex is reportedly the nicest. After the ornery ones we had before we are very choosy about what roosters to have around.

Ed has ordered a new queen for his beehive. This one is supposed to be able to keep itself free from mites and such without using medication. It will teach the other bees in the hive to do the same.

Ed is beginning to prune the orchard. He has one tree done so far. I hope this will help the trees put out some nicer fruit.

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