Sunday, August 19, 2007

A new edition to the family!

We have a new edition to our family! His name is Avery Tyler Scott, he was born on August 7th. He is my first grandchild by blood.

He had to have surgery to correct an intestine/stomach problem he was born with. So they are still in Portland waiting for him to recover and be released from the hospital.

Now I know why our house hasn't sold yet. My son, his wife and their daughter and our new baby are going to move to Virginia with us. If the house would have sold before he was able to travel, we would have had to rent something until he can go. See God in his wisdom knows what is best even if we don't!

The upstairs got finished the end of July and my son and his family moved in up there. It is now two bedrooms upstairs. All my sewing things are packed up with the exception of my sewing machine and a few tools.

The garden is producing for us, despite the herds of deer that have eaten their fair share of it! The fruit trees are all loaded. I had thought we would be gone by now and there wouldn't be any canning going on this year. I guess I was mistaken!

I will be canning green beans and making pickled beets next week.

There are lots of blackberries to be picked and made into jams also.

Good thing we are finished with the work on the house at last! It has been three long years. We are pleased with the results of our hard work. Mostly Ed's hard work along with my Dad helping him.

Maybe we will be moving this Fall and maybe not..............only God knows when it will be.

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