Saturday, March 17, 2007

Plugging along........

Yesterday was a beautiful day. We had a warm breeze, blue skies, lots of sunshine. A perfect day for working in the yard. I was able to enjoy cleaning up my herb garden, and pulling up grass and weeds that thought they could grow there this past winter. Now the herb garden is back to looking nice and neat. The parsley is just lush with new growth, my rosemary is lovely, the lemon mint is thick with fragrant new leaves, the chives are nice and fresh and have little buds here and there, the oregano is coming back, the sage has nice new growth and the peppermint is trying to take over! I pulled up excess of it and tossed it into the field. I hope it doesn't take root! Maybe I should take those and put them on the burn pile...........

We have been at a standstill on working on the house this past week, as the wheel bearings went out on our vehicle, so Ed has had to work on the car instead of the house. Plus we were supposed to make the trip to Roseburg to buy drywall at Lowe's and couldn't with out the vehicle.

But after today the Durango will have new wheel bearings and new rotors. That needed to be done before we could drive across the country anyway. So we are just ahead of the game a bit in that department. : )

In the mean time, I have been having Bible lessons with our little daughters. One is almost 7, the other is 4. So far we have learned about God's "10 rules," mainly the one about honoring your parents, and obeying them. Then we have studied a bit on the fruits of the spirit, namely temperance or self-control. I pray that these become a part of their character.

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